Friday, September 20 | 8PM-11PM at Rosie’s Gaming Emporium, New Kent
Saturday, September 21 | 8PM-11PM at Rosie’s Gaming Emporium, Richmond

“Ice” was born in Gary, Indiana and made his way on to a musical and theatrical platform by the age of 10.

As a musician he performed in church groups and in city sponsored talent events, which helped him grow as a songwriter as well as multi-talented instrumentalist performing on guitar, drums, bass and keyboards.

During high school his love of theater and acting intensified along with his uncanny knack for mimicry and dance. All along his journey coupled with his adoration for the music Michael Jackson, Ice would perform in full costume, make up and cover not only the voice but the exact movements of Michael Jackson eventually winning him a $50,000 “best in show” prize which brought him to Las Vegas where he has performed in the world famous Legends In Concert and has gone on internationally performing in his own full production. Ice has performed in 36 countries.

“his tribute to my boy is beautiful” -Katherine Jackson