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New Rewards & Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

  • What is Rosie’s Rewards?

    Earn endless rewards, simply by playing your favorite game. This premier player loyalty program gives you the power to earn points at any Rosie’s property.

  • How much does it cost to join the Rosie’s Rewards Program?

    Nothing! Membership is absolutely free.

  • What happened to my redeemable points?

    Don’t worry! We are currently in a system upgrade, and customer point balances from the prior system will be transferred starting July 1 and you will be able to redeem them for Free Play at any time! You can start earning points in the new system immediately and now use your points for free play or food at the same rate at any time!

  • What happened to my tier points?

    We are happy to let you know that everyone is guaranteed their current tier thru June 30, 2024 (plus, you still have the opportunity to upgrade your tier based on play). During our upgrade, we made two important changes to improve the experience. First, you now earn tier points two times faster ($10 -> $5); additionally, the earning period changes from annual to semi-annual, and the new earning period kicks off July 1 2023 and you’ll have until June 30 2024 to advance your tier.

  • What are the new tier breaks?

    We still have our same great 4 tiers, and its now $5 wagered to receive 1 tier point, plus you have two times per year to qualify!

    1. 0 – 4,999
    2. 5,000 – 19,999
    3. 20,000 – 39,9999
    4. 40,000+
  • Why do I need to get a new card?

    With our new system upgrade, you receive a new account number with your card. This new technology allows for all the great things to come this year.

  • Why won’t my card work at Richmond?

    Currently, only the card with 11 digits will work at the upgraded sites. Dumfries is the only upgraded site until Hampton the week of July 17.

  • Why did my tier points reset on July 1?

    As part of the new program, we are on a semi-annual earning calendar. The tier breaks have been adjusted to fit, as well as you know earn tier points two times faster!

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