Rosie's Reward Benefits

Rosie’s Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Rosie’s Rewards is how you get great rewards, simply by playing your favorite HHR machine. This premier player loyalty program gives you the power to earn points at any Rosie’s property.

Tier levels open greater levels of rewards, based on your play. You can move up to higher tiers by playing more and earning tier points. The higher your tier, the greater your rewards. Tier points are re-set at the first of each year, but you’ll be upgraded to your higher tier status as soon as you earn the required point threshold.

You can receive a replacement card by stopping by the Player’s Club at your closest Rosie’s destination. Don’t forget to bring a valid photo ID.

You keep your benefits until your card level expires. If you lose your card, visit the Player’s Club and show your valid photo ID to receive a replacement card.

1. Insert your Rosie’s card into the HHR machine you’re playing.

2. $10 Coin In = 1 Tier Point. The more you play, the more tier points you earn. The more tier points you earn, the higher your tier. And the higher your tier, the more benefits you enjoy. Just remember that tier points can’t be spent.

3. 100 Points = $1 Rosie’s Reward Dollars. Reward Dollars are what you spend to get the things you enjoy. You can redeem Reward Dollars for food and beverage on property, at Rosie’s Gift Shop and off property at any Points Partner. It’s your choice! For example, 1,000 tier points = $10 Reward Dollars.

The expiration date simply tells us that your card may not reflect your most recent tier, since you have between January 1 and December 31 of each year to earn a new tier. If your card is expired, you can also get an updated one at the Player’s Club.

All Rosie’s locations are linked together so you can play with just one Rosie’s card to ensure all points accumulate.

After 90 days of inactivity, your Rosie’s Reward Dollars will expire.

Your free play offers are good at any Rosie’s location!

We ask that you wait until the 15th of the month following your tier upgrade to book. That way we can be sure you enjoy the best service.

You’ll get special offers in the mail based on your level of play. Remember to update your address periodically, this way you won’t miss out on any offers. You can also check your offers at any Marketing Kiosk.

We value your privacy and protection. With your unique PIN, you and you alone are able to access your Rosie’s offers and rewards. You can also use your PIN to download your offers and rewards while you’re at your favorite HHR machine. Too add or reset your PIN, just stop by the Player’s Club.