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Find your luck at any of our machines! Check out our current jackpots, then come in and find your favorite HHR machine for a chance to win.

Penny Jackpots

Make It Rain - Penny Jackpot
Payday - Penny Jackpot
Stacks - Penny Jackpot
Getting Paid - Penny Jackpot
Makin' Bacon - Penny Jackpot
Cabbage Patch - Penny Jackpot
Say Cheese! - Penny Jackpot
Belly Up - Penny Jackpot
Big Buck Hunter - Penny Jackpot
You Found Me - Penny Jackpot
Penny Baron - Penny Jackpot

Nickel Jackpots

Winner Takes All - Nickel Jackpot
Break The Bank - Nickel Jackpot
It's A Lock - Nickel Jackpot

Quarter Jackpots

Mr. Sunshine - Quarter Jackpot
Take Me Home Tonight - Quarter Jackpot
King Pin - Quarter Jackpot

One Dollar Jackpots

Power Play - One Dollar Jackpot
Money Bags - One Dollar Jackpot
Big Kahuna - One Dollar Jackpot
Navy Blue - One Dollar Jackpot
Salty Dog - One Dollar Jackpot

Five Dollar Jackpots

Pirate's Boot - Five Dollar Jackpot
Best Of Five - Five Dollar Jackpot
Five Star - Five Dollar Jackpot
YOLO - Five Dollar Jackpot