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Find your luck at any of our machines! Check out our current jackpots, then come in and find your favorite HHR machine for a chance to win.

Penny Jackpots

Beginner's Luck - Penny Jackpot
Pretty Penny - Penny Jackpot
The Big Catch - Penny Jackpot
Cloud 10 - Penny Jackpot
Bragging Rights - Penny Jackpot
7th Heaven - Penny Jackpot
Victorious - Penny Jackpot
All Smiles - Penny Jackpot
Lady's Choice - Penny Jackpot
The Profit - Penny Jackpot
Penny Palooza - Penny Jackpot

Nickel Jackpots

Dream Big - Nickel Jackpot
Hot Shot - Nickel Jackpot
Jump For Joy - Nickel Jackpot

Quarter Jackpots

Cool Winnings - Quarter Jackpot
Double Rainbow - Quarter Jackpot
Slam Dunk - Quarter Jackpot

One Dollar Jackpots

Happy Camper - One Dollar Jackpot
Pinch Me - One Dollar Jackpot
In It To Win It - One Dollar Jackpot
Purse Payout - One Dollar Jackpot
Ay Caramba - One Dollar Jackpot

Five Dollar Jackpots

King's Ransom - Five Dollar Jackpot
Best Day Ever - Five Dollar Jackpot
RVA Winnings - Five Dollar Jackpot

Ten Dollar Jackpots

Daddy Sawbucks - Ten Dollar Sawbucks