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Find your luck at any of our machines! Check out our current jackpots, then come in and find your favorite HHR machine for a chance to win.

Penny Jackpots

Luck of the Irish - Penny Jackpot
Sure Thing - Penny Jackpot
Like Clockwork - Penny Jackpot
Lucky in Love - Penny Jackpot
Easy Money - Penny Jackpot
Sunny Side up - Penny Jackpot
Lucky Penny - Penny Jackpot
Star City Winnings - Penny Jackpot

Nickel Jackpots

Win Fall - Nickel Jackpot
Blue Ribbon - Nickel Jackpot
Take a Chance On Me - Nickel Jackpot

Quarter Jackpots

Paradise Found - Quarter Jackpot
Tickled Pink - Quarter Jackpot
Easy Street - Quarter Jackpot

One Dollar Jackpots

Glory Days - Dollar Jackpots
Big Yellow Taxi - Dollar Jackpots
Pot O Gold - Dollar Jackpots
Moving On Up - Dollar Jackpots
All For One - Dollar Jackpot

Five Dollar Jackpots

Winning Streak
Sealed With A Kiss - Five Dollar Jackpot
High Five - Five Dollar Jackpot

Ten Dollar Jackpots

Hang Ten - Ten Dollar Jackpot