COVID-19 Update
Rosie's Exterior

Temporary Closure FAQ’s

I can’t earn tier points during this time; how will that effect my tier re-qualification?
We will adjust the qualifying period relative to the amount of time we are not open.

What will happen to my Free Play offers?
All future offers will not be affected by the temporary closure. Offers will still be sent based on play upon reopening.

What about my current gift offers?
We are rescheduling gift giveaways and all previously invited patrons will be re-invited to our rescheduled giveaway dates.

What about March-June promotions?
All March-June promotions are cancelled due to temporary closure. Any entries earned in the March sweepstakes will be transferred towards future promotions and all qualified guests will be notified.

I have an expired gaming voucher; can I still claim my winnings?
Expired vouchers must be redeemed within 30 days of Rosie’s reopening.

What entertainment shows are being rescheduled or cancelled, and how will I know?
All ticketed entertainment shows have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. All refunds have been issued and patrons were notified via email.

I have a question related to a group event or booking –
Please contact our Marketing Manager at [email protected]

I won Free Play for a Year? What happens to my bonus free play that I missed during the closure?
Since we were closed for 15 weeks, you will receive an additional 15 weeks’ worth of this special offer.