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Vendor License Requirements Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can I obtain the Vendor License Application and who is required to sign the form?
The application can be found on the VRC’s webpage via this Link: and then select the PDF link next to “Vendor License Application.” The application must be signed by the Vendor’s Chief Executive Officer.

Q2: Where do I return the completed application and who can I contact for assistance?
Completed applications, along with a copy of the CEO’s driver’s license, and any inquiries should be emailed to [email protected].

Q3: How much is the application fee?
$25 per Vendor and $25 per Vendor-employee that will perform the services. If needed, the Vendor-employee application is provided by the VRC.

Q4: How long is the application review process?
The review process varies for each applicant. Typically, decisions are made within a week of application submission but no more than one month.

Q5: Who should be notified once the Vendor License has been obtained?
The Vendor must send a copy of the License to Colonial Downs Group’s Purchasing Manager.

Q6: Can I start services while my application is under review?
No. The Vendor must be licensed by the VRC prior to providing services.