Colonial Downs Group Donates $100,000 to Help Pay Off Delinquent Gas & Water Bills for Older Adults in Richmond

Rosie's Gives Back $10,000 Senior Connections Donation

Donation Made to Senior Connections: The Capital Area Agency on Aging

Colonial Downs Group, which operates Rosie’s Gaming Emporiums® in Richmond, Hampton, New Kent County, Vinton, and opening soon in Dumfries, and the Colonial Downs Racetrack also in New Kent County, announced today a $100,000 donation to Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging to help pay off delinquent gas & water bills currently owed by older adults in the city of Richmond.

Speaking about the contribution, Aaron Gomes, Chief Operating Officer at the Colonial Downs Group, remarked, “We know this has been an incredibly tough year for so many in the Commonwealth. In particular many Virginians, especially the elderly, have been struggling to keep up with some of the most basic and important every day costs of living, chief among those their utility bills. As we celebrate this holiday season we wanted to give back to the people of the City of Richmond, where we are so fortunate to conduct business. With this contribution we hope we will make the holidays a little bit easier and brighter for families trying to get through a tough year. We know Senior Connections is absolutely the right partner in this effort. They will get these funds to the individuals who need them the most, and we could not be prouder of this partnership in service of our fellow Virginians.”

Dr. Thelma Watson, Executive Director of Senior Connections, the Capital Area Agency on Aging, remarked, “This generous contribution, made right in the heart of the holiday season, will do so much good for so many Richmond residents. When you are living on a fixed income it can be devastating to face the prospect of being unable to afford your most basic needs. With this donation, there are hundreds of individuals who will breathe a little easier tonight, knowing the help they so desperately needed has arrived. And this contribution doesn’t stop there. With these new funds now dedicated to helping seniors with their water and gas bills, it frees up more of our existing resources to help with other matters facing our clients, including their home heating bills. We want to thank Colonial Downs, and their entire team, for being a conscientious and committed member of our community. Because of this gesture, Christmas will be a little “merrier” this year in a whole lot of homes!”

Through the charitable giving program, ‘Rosie’s Gives Back’, the Colonial Downs Group has made monetary donations of more than $630,000 (not including today’s gift); in-kind donations of more than

$160,000; and has logged over 1,100 service hours in Virginia communities. Among these initiatives are the Community Heroes Meal in which Colonial Downs Group turned over kitchens at Rosie’s properties to provide 30,000 free “grab and go” meals this spring for Virginia’s community heroes serving on the front lines of the state’s ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic; pledging $500,000 over five years to Richmond’s Miles Jones Elementary School; and supporting over 100 other groups and causes in the Commonwealth.